Kennedy Middle School Students Present Paintings as Token of Gratitude for Funding of Art Project

December 19th, 2018 by

Dealership presents additional donation of $10,000 to the Title I school to support its “Striving for Awesome Attendance” initiative

When customer and Kennedy Middle School Community Coordinator Peggy Jugmahansingh approached Val Borissevitch, general manager at Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai, about funding needs for the school’s art program, Val knew he could help.

“Peggy told me about the current budget in the art department and the hopes for the program, and it was something that tugged at my heartstrings as a father of three,” said Borissevitch. “I decided to make a $500 donation to the program, which tripled their annual budget. Since the school is located in our neighborhood, I also thought it would be great to share the students’ artwork with the community by displaying the canvases in the dealership.”

As a thank you, the students got to work painting canvases illustrating the beautiful landscape and history of New Mexico. Students presented their completed paintings to the dealership on Tuesday, December 18.

The dealership group wanted to do more to give back and enrich lives at the school, so in addition to the donation to the art program, dealership employees presented a $10,000 check to Kennedy Middle School in support of their Striving for Awesome Attendance initiative.

“We are so incredibly thankful for this additional donation, and the

generosity of the Larry H. Miller Dealerships,” said Principal Ed Bortot, Kennedy Middle School. “Research has repeatedly shown that there is a direct correlation between consistent school attendance and students’ academic performance, well-being, personal sense of responsibility and various other benefits.”

The “Striving for Awesome Attendance” program is three-fold. It aims to increase students’ attendance; their performance in math, English language and art; and it also helps with discipline.

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